About us

Since late 2014 a growing band of enthusiastic LTSC members have got together to begin a regular radio controlled yachting activity. They have chosen to use the Dragon Force 65 yacht, which sails as a restricted class within the RG65 class rules, and provides exciting sailing with the minimum of cost.

After a couple of visits, any potential participant will be asked to join the Model Yachting Association (MYA) for a small additional fee of £10 (£5 for juniors), this will give specific membership benefits as well as public liability insurance. Sailors do not have to be members of LTSC in order to come and race with us, but they will need to be LTSC members if they wish to regularly use the club itself.

For details of the events we run go to the Events tab.

Whilst there will be regular (competitive) racing (for all standards) the emphasis on the day is having fun, so come and join us.

Contact info can be found on the Contact us tab.

Demo Boat –

We have a spare boat that we call the demo boat, we loan it out to new people who would like to have a go and hopefully purchase a boat to race with us. It is available for all the events we run. Please use the Contact us tab to book your sail with it. It can get fairly booked up so please book in advance to ensure the use of it. If there is more than one of you that would like to try it at the same time, then there may be a possibility that we might be able to get another boat but we cannot guarranty it, but please still ask and we will see what we can do.