May Champs

A reminder that it is the May championships tomorrow, Tuesday 16th May. Usual format, 6:00pm arrive and set up for a 6:30pm first start at Pinetops, with a plan to get 8 races in before the breeze dies. We have a new trophy for the winner and some new fun prizes. Demo boat is available at the moment so if you know someone that would like to have a go with it, please let me know. Weather is looking perfect at the moment, Sun is out, 17 degrees and a solid mid-teens breeze from the south west. Numbers have been good the last couple of weeks so let’s try and keep that up and get a really good turnout for the championship.

 Hope to see many of you there.

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April Champs Report

LTSC RC Yachting- April Championship

The first Tuesday evening championship was held at Pinetops on 18th April. With a light dying breeze, fantastic sunshine and Easter egg prizes at the ready, it was set to be a good one.

The aim of the game was to mostly avoid the odd patches of weed in the lake whilst trying to hook into the correct shifts and gusts. A simple triangle, sausage course was set across the lake with the south westerly breeze. It presented some very close and tactical racing between the 16 boat over the 8 races. Hot favourites to take the championship going in to the evening was returning King James Dodd, making his first appearance in the DF65 fleet for over a year, the question was would he beat his bother Charlie.

When the final scores were totted up, once again Simon ‘Cake’ McCarthy showed his skills to bring home the overall win with an impressive four-point lead. Although he was piped in one race by his father Dan who grabbed his own race win. Second went to big boss Jon Harvey who narrowly beat Paul Davis to round of the podium. Alex Hayman missed out on the Easter eggs by just a point to take 4th position. Nigel Walbank took 5th place. There was a creme egg for everyone for taking part. Thank you to Meriel McCarthy for keeping the scores and being race officer. Full results on the 2017 results page and photos on the Media page.

Yachts and Yachting report here:

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April Champs and Easter Egg Race

It’s that time of the month again where it is time for a championship. This coming Tuesday the 18th, will be the April Champs and will also be our Easter Egg Race. It will be the usual 6:00pm arrive and set up for a 6:30pm first start at Pinetops. There will be some prizes for positions and also some spot prizes in the form of Easter eggs. We have been getting some good numbers out so far on Tuesday evenings so let’s try and keep it up and get even more. Demo boat is booked for this week but I have no other booking for the following weeks so please email me if you know someone that would like to use it.

Hope you have a good Easter and hopefully see your boats on the water soon.

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Saturday 1st April

We have our last Saturday coming up this Saturday, it will not count towards any series but will be something a little bit different and fun. If people could arrive for 1:30pm at Pinetops, we will then see who is there and come up with something fun but something that will improve skills and hopefully racing position, so we can start racing before 2:00pm.

We then start our Tuesday evening racing and new series the following Tuesday 4th April. It will be 6:00pm arrive and set up, for a 6:30pm first start at Pinetops. We then carry on every Tuesday evening at this time throughout the summer. The next Championship will be Tuesday 18th April.

Demo boat is starting to get booked up so if you know someone who would like to borrow it then please booking ASAP.

Hope to see your boat on the water soon.

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Saturdays to Tuesdays change over

It is getting toward that time of year where HOPEFULLY the weather is starting to warm up and the evenings are getting lighter, which means we can go back to Tuesday evenings. But we have a few more Saturdays first, here is the plan for the coming weeks:

Saturday 11th March – this coming week will be our March Champs, it should be the following week but it is ‘Super Saturday’ where all three of the last round of the 6 nations matches are on the Saturday afternoon one after the other. Because of this we do not think we will get as good attendance as if we were to run it this week. It will still be a 1:00pm for a 1:30pm prompt first start at Pinetops. The weather is looking good so we are planning for 12 races with 3 discards, we will have 4 races back to back then a short break to tweak and tune, then another 4 races back to back, short break, then the last 4 races (unless we have enough to go in to heats in which case the plan might change). So try and have another great champ with good numbers like we have had for the previous two champs this year.

Saturday 18th March – no racing due to 6 Nations

Saturday 25th March – normal racing but this will be the last Saturday and last in the current series. So we would like to try and get as many out as possible to finish off the Saturdays with a great turn out and some great racing. Still 1:30pm first start at Pinetops.

Saturday 1st April – there will be no racing that counts towards anything but we would like to run an adhoc race where we do something slightly different. We have had some suggestions of: a long distance race around the sea wall, racing in a different venue like the Lymington river, Town quay or Keyhaven, or a team racing or match racing championship. We would like to put this one in your hands and let you decide what you would like to do, these are just some example and inspiration. Please get in touch by emailing or using the contact us page on the website to let us know your ideas and preferences of what you would like to do. The sooner the better so I have time to get the necessary thing to make it possible.

Tuesday 4th April – first Tuesday evening which will be normal racing. The clocks will have gone forwards on the 26th March so we will have enough light in the evening to get some racing in. It will be a 6:00pm arrive and set up for a 6:30pm first start at Pinetops.

We will then carry on racing on Tuesday evenings throughout the summer. The next championship will be on Tuesday 18th April, more details to follow.

On a different note, we are in the process of constructing a Buy/Sell page on our website where you will be able to advertise boats and bits you have for sale and where you will be able to see what other people have for sale. You will notice that there are two boat up for sale on there already.

Hope to see your boats out on the water soon.

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Timings over the coming weeks

As many of you will know, the 6 Nations rugby starts this weekend, and I am sure many of you will want to watch it. So we have made the decision to bring forward the start time of model boats on the Saturdays while the 6 Nations is on by half an hour. So it will now be, 1:00pm arrive and set up, for a 1:30pm first start at Pinetops. This will run until the end of the 6 Nations which is on the 18th of March, we will then resume back to normal times after that. The first games of the weekend normally kick off at 2:30pm ish but England are playing in the second match most weeks which does not start until 3:00pm to 4:00pm which should give us plenty of time to get some good racing in beforehand.

The next championships will be on the 18th February, which will still be a 1:30pm first start at Pinetops. We have been getting some great numbers recently so let’s try and keep it up.

Hopefully see you racing soon.

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We have been adding and changing a few bit to our website. We have now added a bit about the Demo boat that we loan out which you will find on the Home page. We have also added a Find us page, with details of where we race and how to get there. And we have made some other minor tweaks as well.
If you can think of anything else that we could add to the website to make it more useful or easier to use, then we would like to hear what it is so we can try and improve it. Please use the Contact us tab to get in touch.

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January Champs

We have our January Champs coming up this Saturday the 14th. We are looking to kick the year off with a great turn out and try and keep it up for the rest of the year. It will be at Pinetops for the usual 1:30pm arrive and set up for a 2:00pm first start. Demo boat is available at the moment if you know someone that would like to try it. Those of you that have just got new boats for Christmas etc., this will be a good opportunity for you as there will be lots of people there that can help you set up your boat and tune it to be the best it can be. We will also be experimenting with some new ways to film the boats including GoPro’s on the marks etc., so a good turn out will make for some great footage. 

In case you haven’t seen it yet there is a video in the media tab summing up our year. Well worth a watch and please share with any others. There is also a report from the year, that was written by Paul Davis on the posts tab below. There are some photos from the prize giving on the Facebook page as well.

Hopefully see you racing your DF65’s Saturday or in the near future.

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2016 round up

A report of our second year of the LTSC RC Yachting group written by Paul Davis:

2016 was shaping up to be a good year for the Lymington DF65’s with new boats turning up after Christmas and throughout the year, this would prove a tough year to win overall.  Our active fleet which regularly gets turnouts in the teens provided us with some very close tight racing and sometimes to close at times (Ado!).

So over twelve Championships, Simon ‘Cake’ McCarthy came out fighting, winning four out of the five Championships he competed in and counting a 2nd in the other before big boat sailing took over for the season.  This left the door open for ‘Mr Consistent’, Jon Harvey to take over the charge and avenge his 2nd place overall in the 2015 GP series.  Dan McCarthy continued to improve as the year went on and it must be noted that he turned up to all but one Championship!

In the end Jon, had done more than enough to take the overall GP Series this year, being the most consistent DF65 all year, counting 8 top three results out of the 9 to count!  Jon prevailed to take the overall win from Paul YI’ Davis turning the tables from 2015, with Liam Willis in 3rd, Dan McCarthy in 4th, and Toby Collyer rounding out the top 5.  With being the most consistent DF65 this year, Jon also took the overall series title, with Dan McCarthy 2nd closely followed by Ado Jardine 3rd.

2016 was a good year with many highlights, but to name a few, we’ve have had 16 DF65’s out at once and quite regularly to, a summer BBQ, mince pies and mulled wine and a well-attended annual prize giving held by Lymington Town Sailing Club.  Three local venues with Fford Yacht Squadron being our main venue, 66 DF65 owners locally and growing, 12 Championships, 42 race days along with our Inaugural Inter-club Team Racing Championships which was very entertaining and even brought a guest appearance down to Lymington in the form of Mike & Sue Weston of RC Yachts!

In 2017 there will be a few people to watch, Roger Barber being one after winning the last two championships since joining the fleet and showing pace in a range of conditions.  Team Fford Yacht Squadron / CupCake Marine will be strong coming into the season off the back of the Inaugural Inter-club Team Racing Championships win, the team consisting of our host, Rory Paton, Simon ‘Cake’ McCarthy and Alex Hayman.  Then we have the likes of Nigel Wallbank, Nick Ingram and Brian Robinson all showing they can mix it at the front of the fleet and more than capable of causing an upset.  But the big question is, will the Jarpedo, Ado Jardine keep out of trouble to rustle some feathers at the front this year?

Throughout the year visitors have joined us from several local clubs, Wayne Stobbs from Portsmouth Model Yacht Club, Robin Antcliffe from Eastleigh Model Boat Club and Nigel Brown from Gosport Model Boat Club.  Hopefully this year we can have a few more visitors with growing fleets, Porchester have joined the game along with Gosport, Portland, Eastleigh and Megeham Rythe SC.  Maybe even get a little local traveller series going???

So, what’s to look forward to in 2017 you ask?  Well, we will have our monthly championships with the first one kicking off on the 14th of January!  The successful Inter-club Team Racing Champs will be in the calendar to look forward to and hopefully have a few more visiting teams.  Throughout the year we will be treated to some race footage by our very own young Spielberg, Liam Willis, LW Media.  So, watch this space for the videos to keep us entertained.  There will be new members, more boats out on the water, closer racing and more fun, so let’s make it a good one!

But to finish things off, a big thank you must go to Liam Willis who puts everything together for us throughout the year.  Rory Paton and Pinetops must be thanked for letting us use their excellent pond, but the biggest of thank you’s must got to Meriel McCarthy, our own PRO!  Week in week out Meriel turns up come rain or shine to keep us all in check, runs all the races and keeps the scores!  Thank you!

So hopefully see you all on the water. 

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Annual Prize Giving and Dinner

Happy New Year to all,

Our annual prize giving and dinner is coming up this Saturday at LTSC from 6:30 pm. The poster with all the details and food options are below.

Please can you either let us or the LTSC office know that you are coming and what food option you would like. Food will be served from 7:00 pm with prize giving to follow. They need to know numbers so they can cater for food. There will also be some FREE WINE, but we need to know how much. We have some lovely prizes in both series all the way down to 10th place, some fun prizes and some spot prizes which will only be given out to those who are there, so it could be you! I hope to see many of you there.


Also, Portsmouth are holding their Monthly Championship in the morning, here are the details from Wayne:

Hi Everyone, and a Happy New Year to you all

My calendar tells me that we are due our monthly DF65 racing event at Canoe Lake on Saturday.  Hopefully many of you can make it down to the lake for a morning of good racing.

Racing will start at 10am with the first to cross the line taking down the finishing order.  I will tot up the scores later in the day and share them around.

There will be no entry fee and prizes, if any, will be from donations by the participants.  Last race around 12:30

Please share this message around and let’s get as many people down the lake as we can.  Entry is open to anyone and we would encourage those of you that have never raced to dust off your boats and come down for a few hours of fun.  

Any visitors that want to attend and need directions then please drop me a note.

Hopefully see you there on Saturday.


PS:  Afterwards I will be playing RG65’s if any of you want to come down for a tune up session

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