Saturday 6th February – Race Report

Five intrepid helms took on the strongest conditions we have yet seen at Setley, One ‘A’ rig (Toby) lasted one race, Three ‘B’ rigs Cake, Eric, and Andy made the full distance, as did the one ‘C’ rig (Jon)

Andy took the first race despite a challenging downwind leg where the gap closed considerably. At this stage the ‘B’ rigs looked to have a clear edge over the ‘C’ rig upwind, while the ‘C’ rig was able to chase down the out of control ‘B’ rigs on the downwind leg. Race two was close, Cake made the windward mark first but downwind was challenging with the ‘B’ rig and Jon slipped past by the leeward mark to take a close win. Race three saw a reversal of position with Cake leading from start to finish. Race 4 was very close, about a boat length separating Jon and Cake and the finish line. Thereafter the wind shifted up another gear and the ‘C’ rig was able to hold its own upwind and was ‘reasonably’ under control downwind.

Its amazing what these little boats can take. Aside from a slipped kicker fitting on Eric’s boat the rest came through unscathed.

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